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Stop that downward Spiral....

Have you every had one of those days, where it starts off badly and you can't seem to recover and things seem to spiral from worse to worse?

I had one of those days recently where a difficult phone call sidetracked me.

In reality, a small inconvenience but it immediately set in motion a chain reaction that left me feeling frustrated and trying to catch up for most of the day, that was until I remembered and implemented a super simple but effective technique that sports people use to stay calm under pressure.

What was it? It was simply focussing on my breath for 30 seconds and slowing it down. By doing this it also slowed down my thinking enough to allow me to refocus and quickly come back to the present..

Thankfully it immediately assisted in stopping my downward spiral and turned my day around.

You only need to watch the best sportspeople to see how mistakes and errors are quickly addressed, internalised and moved on from without the initial mistake leading to a snowballing effect compounding further poor performance. As always it fuels my fascination with the lessons sports can teach those in business.

What techniques works for you to stop the downward Spiral, I would love to read your thoughts......

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