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Let's get serious about our Productivity.

When was the last time you reviewed yours??

Over the last 24 months whilst working closely with business owners one of the main barriers to success I have noticed is lack of productivity, With many people often working in a manic state and seeing this as a badge of honour rather than having a strategy behind working smart and achieving what is important. I must admit I have been guilty of the same thing.

It has been a personal challenge of mine the last 12 months to become more focussed and productive, to work less, and to achieve more with my time, not only for my benefit but also so I can better advise others on how do the same.

Here is a list of the some of the strategies that are working for me:

  • Being clear, honest and focussed around my life priorities and setting clear goals.
  • Creating routines around how I start and finish each day and remaining consistent with this.
  • Having a Growth Mindset around challenges and having fun in what I do.
  • Controlling my technology rather than it controlling me.
  • Simplifying my life and removing distractions and unwanted noise.
  • Understanding my body cycle of when I work best in a day and then concentrating the delivery of important work or meetings around my up cycle's.

What I have been doing is very simple and not revolutionary in any way but when combined together seems to be working well for me but my productivity journey still has a way to go and I am keen to learn what others are doing.

Has any one got any suggestions or strategies that have worked for you around increasing productivity in your life?

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