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Is Martial Arts the perfect training ground for kids?

Is Martial Arts the most exceptional training ground for children to learn the disciplines of Success and a Growth Mindset from an early age?

Some recent research I have studied into on the subject of neuroplasticity and the importance of training the neural pathways of the brain really highlights the value of the consistent physical, mental and social training that Martial Arts provides.

Personally for my own two children Hamish ( aged 11) and Chelsea (aged 8) who are currently heavily involved in Martial Arts, the lifestyle has reinforced for them some amazing life and success skills that I am very glad are present in their formative years such as:

- Physical Fitness (this is the obvious one)
- Self discipline and dedication.
- Goal setting and attainment.
- Respect.
- Long game: The understanding that anything worthwhile can take years of hardwork and dedication and commitment
- Community and friendship and learning the importance and value of teams.
- Kinaesthetic understanding.
- Resilience and the ability to handle losing ( this is a huge one) and the understanding of how important losing is.

Without a doubt for me, Martial Arts has been a brilliant incubator for the development of Growth Mindset for them!


Has anyone got a similar experience?


Chris B

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