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Do you Invest in Loss?

"Investing in loss" was originally a term that came out of the Martial Art, Tai chi and specifically "Push hands" and if you research the meaning, there are many definitions that have been written about its true meaning.

My interpretation Investing in Loss is that we must be willing to risk loss, embarrassment or some times what feels like a step backwards as a method of learning better ways of moving forward and succeeding, be it in sport, school or in business it holds true.

Without being humble and exposing our weakness when we learn or practice, it is a struggle to cultivate and grow our true strength.

A great example in my opinion of Investing in loss, is shown by athletes who choose to train against those who may be more skilled or more experienced than themselves rather than finding training partners that they know they can beat, this shows a removal of ego and an example of investment in loss at work.

Investing in loss can only truly occur if you have a growth mindset and are willing to step out of your normal comfort zones and risk embarrassment or more in the pursuit of success.

For me this is such a significant philosophy as it is one of the cornerstone's of building success.

How do you invest in loss in your life?

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