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Are you prepared to take on those big opportunities in life?

Are you prepared to take on those big opportunities in life, the real game changers when they present themselves to you?

Life's big opportunities often come when we least expect them and often when we feel least capable of taking them on.

This might be an amazing business opportunity that arrives when we can least afford to financially take it on or a dream job opportunity, that presents itself when our health is not at it's best.

How do we ensure that we are not missing out on our full potential by being our own worst enemies and making the wrong decisions?

There are many great strategies and models for ways to analyse opportunities but for me it is often simpler than this and as a starting point whenever I am struggling to embrace an opportunity, I always rule out my own internal Fear being the driver behind my indecision.

I often ask myself this question, "What is it that I fear? If there isn't a logical, fact based answer to this question, my decision making is often rebooted in a positive direction.

I have found throughout my life that what I have feared is often much more in my own head and an internal rather than external barrier. By understanding my own fears, I believe that I have been more successful in grabbing hold of the big opportunities that have come my way.

What strategies have you got in place to maximise your chances of capitalising on life's big opportunities? I would love to hear and learn from what does and doesn't work for you!!



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